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Women in Mission

We’re “Celebrating Women in Mission” October 11-12. The seven Ministry Coordinators; Donna Brege, Lucy Harrington, Laura Linna, Connie McCauley, Carole Morris, Marlys Murray, Pam Ott, Donna Fegan, Director of Women’s Ministry and Deaconess Betty Knapp, Staff Liaison, have been working to offer opportunities for women to grow in their Christian walk. It’s been an exciting and fruitful time for Women’s Ministry and we want to celebrate!

Check out the ‘Where Can I Fit In?’ display in the Narthex. We hope you can find a place to use your gifts and an opportunity to be enriched through Redeemer’s Women’s Ministry.

We will be spotlighting our Prayer Shawl Ministry during the weekend. Come see the beautiful shawls displayed on the communion rail.

  • Stop by the display in the Narthex and see what’s been happening in Women’s Ministry!
  • Sign up to win the gift basket full of wonderful items for women.
  • A gift will be given to each woman as she leaves the sanctuary.
  • The mission of the women's ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church is to glorify God by equipping and supporting women in their Christian walk.

    Our planning team includes Donna Fegan,Women's Ministry Director, who develops, coordinates and administers an effective and comprehensive women's ministry with the help of the Planning Team.

    Staff Liaison, Deaconess Betty Knapp, is our link to the church staff.

    Redeemer’s Lutheran Women in Mission Planning team has made their yearly changes for 2014. There are two Coordinators whose terms are completed: Amy Gawry, Service and Kathy Enright, Spiritual Growth. We would like to thank them for their hard work over the past two years.

    New Planning Team Coordinators for March 2014 through March 2016 include: Carol Morris, Service and Pam Ott, Spiritual Growth. We’d like to thank them for their willingness to serve.

    Other Coordinators are Donna Brege, Records Coordinator; Marlys Murray, Publicity Coordinator; Connie McCauley, Outreach & Fellowship Coordinator; Lucy Harrington, Missions Coordinator; and Laura Linna, Events Coordinator. Deaconess Betty Knapp is our Staff Liaison and Donna Fegan is the Women’s Ministry Director.

    All activities are open to women of Redeemer and their friends.